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Youri Fernandez is a visual artist focused on video and performance. He graduates with honors in 2012 at the « Rocailles » art school (Biarritz, FR). He loves to collaborate with artists and musicians. His first performance was in 2009 for the Festival « Rencontres Improbables » (Bayonne, FR), where he explored the relation between skaters and urban space in Barcelona with a video that interacts with live musicians.
In fall 2012 he settles in Berlin and continues to experiment video. Conducted by international meetings he raises the FLVR project with Xavier Staal and Paul BIzcarguenaga, a skateboarding brand and art collective. As art director he organises collaborations, board graphics and events. The opening ceremony was in Fitcher’s Vogel (Berlin, GE) where he made an audiovisual performance with Kevin Bucquet (Bassist, composer). In november 2014 he welcomes the artist Benjamin Artola to the collective and presents his work in Bonobolabo (Ravenna, IT) with the exhibition « Le Progres ». He associates then with Iouri Camicas (artist/curator) to revisit this theme through a collective exhibition at « l’Hermitage » Gallery (Paris, FR). For the occasion they presented the performance 58bpm in which he uses the object « skateboard » on his own way, as an instrument. The back and forth movement imposed by the skateboard-ramp creates a sound repetition and the metronome-body gives the tempo to the others musiciens. In 2016 they gave a new form to this project for the festival Baleapop, with the name How Many Bpm?.

Today he continues to develop new collaborations.